The Green Dragonfly

Heart Bunting

Super cute heart bunting, just what every home needs!

I searched around the internet for a heart shape I liked, round and perfect and hearty enough. Alas I couldnt find one… so I made one up instead.

These hearts are made with 8ply cotton and a 4mm hook.

1. Make a magic circle and crochet 10 double crochets into the circle. Pull your circle tight and secure the round with a slip stitch between your first and last dc.

2. Double crochet 5 times into the first stitch, and once into each of the next three stitches. Double crochet, triple crochet, double crochet into the next stitch: Voila half a heart…

Double crochet once into each of the next three stitches, 5 double crochets into the next stitch. You should have one stitch left from the previous round- pop a slip stitch into it.

So this round goes:

5dc into first stitch, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc-1tr-1dc into next stitch, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 5dc into next stitch, ss into last stitch, when you are done it should look like this:

Join your next colour into the ss and chain 1. Single crochet into next stitch, 2sc into each of next 3 stitches, sc into next 5 stitches, sc, double crochet, sc into next stitch (bottom of the heart), sc into next 5 stitches, 2sc into each of next 3 stitches, single crochet into last stitch. Slip stitch to finish the round, turn over and tie your ends together- this helps the heart form.

Repeat as many times as you desire…

Cute aren’t they?? We had lots of fun playing with them just as hearts, in fact a few never made it onto the bunting. I also intend making some and sewing them onto some of Maia’s clothes as embellishment (or maybe to hide a small mark or tear?)… endless hearty possibilities!

If  your hearts don’t sit as flat as you would like give them a gentle iron on the reverse side (use a hanky or tea towel between your heart and the iron)

To make the bunting; chain 20 attach chain to your first heart using a ss, chain 6 attach with ss to the other side of your heart. I chained 10 between my hearts, but you can have them as far apart or as close as you like. Here’s a shot of the back so you can see where to join them to your chain.

Hang and enjoy…

Don’t worry they aren’t living on the fence, but they did look nice. Especially in the late afternoon sun…

Hope you are having a great week! Janette xx