The end of July

I can’t believe that July is finished already. The month closed off today with a beautiful winters day, clear and cool but lovely and sunny.  My favourite weather of all… We spent some time at the park this morning, and this afternoon enjoyed a lovely family bike ride.

I finally got my act together this weekend and took myself off to a yoga class which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was amazing what a difference a little time spent just on me made to how I felt, and when the class was over I felt so energised and well, alive! I admit to feeling the after effects of the physical exertion now (or maybe it’s actually just my (old) age) but it’s a good kind of sore, and I cant wait for the next class… tomorrow night.

The Sun Salute Yoga studio is back off Grey Street in Hamilton East, amongst some industrial workshops – but it was a lovely soothing environment. If you want to check it out, their website is linked here.

Crochet flowersI have been busy working away on a project, but it is taking longer than I thought it might and projects which drag on are a real challenge for me… I start to become distracted from the task at hand and imagine other things I could be creating! To tell you the truth I’m not even exactly sure what this is going to be, but Im really happy with the colours and Ill just keep working away on it this week.

To satisfy my need for a quick fix I rustled up another one of these cuffs, this time in dark midnight blue (the flash didn’t represent the colour well at all).  Cute, and all done n dusted in an evening. You can find the tut over at kitchen sink dye works: Spokes Cuff

Crochet cuffWell I’m off to spend the last night of July in front of the fire and do some more hooking… Stay warm wherever you are! Love Janette x x

4 thoughts on “The end of July

  1. Cathy says:

    Is there a pattern for the Spokes Cuff? The link gave me a “404 error – page not found”. I have a friend that I would LOVE the cuff and I would like to make her one as a gift. Thanks!


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