Spring giveaway

Here’s something to brighten your week and mine…GiveawayTo be honest, I’ve been planning a giveaway for a while (like since my birthday in August). However I didn’t get organized and here we are at the end of September already, so lets call this a spring giveaway. If you’ve been reading a while you will know that spring is my favorite season ♥

September 2013 GiveawayThe small bag is made by me, and perfect for your crochet bits and bobs. I’ve included a new crochet hook, a retractable tape measure (I have one the very same and use it all the time), and some new (and very sharp) needles to make sewing in all those pesky ends a little easier. My favorite Whittakers chocolate, some hand made coasters for setting your favorite cup on (also made by yours truly), and a couple of chamomile tea bags (these are my favorite variety for unwinding with at the end of a long day) are included for the next time you need to have a cuppa and something sweet. There’s also a meter or so of these ‘handmade’ labels for stitching to your work – I love the design of these and have some myself too :)

handmade labelsThis giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world, just leave a comment below and let me know something that’s your favorite right now! I’ll draw the winner on Sunday October 6, 2013. Have a happy week, love Janette xox

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164 thoughts on “Spring giveaway

    • My favourite thing right now is knitting newborn baby hats with my left over sock yarn. I also love reading your blogs and keep them all as your ideas are lovely! Do you have any crochet newborn hat patterns.
      PS I was at a birth this morning, baby is now wearing one of my hats!

  1. aw, what a gorgeous give-away! only you could think up something so comprehensively thoughtful :-) I would love to have something made by you, like the bag or the coasters. and something picked out specially by you – like the chocolate (heh) :-)

  2. Thanks for the chance to enter and win! Something that is my favorite at this time is anything sweet and pumpkin spice tasting! I love your giveaway, such sweet sentiment. Your handmade bag is adorable, as well as all the other goodies :)

  3. My favorite right now is that it took me 20 years to figure out this crochet thing and I finally got and can see why it is relaxing.

  4. Such the mostest gorgeous bundle of thoughtfulness to give so generously away! My favourite right now, is Cottage Garden threads, enough oomph in variation to keep it interesting without having to change colours, and vibrant quirky mixes too! I feel privileged to have the chance to receive some of your favourites, thank you so much :)

  5. What a lovely eclectic collection. My favourites right now are my iPad mini (now and forever); watching seedlings shoot up; having posted my Christmas crochet presents home to the UK (phew, one job done); brushing bagfuls of winter hair off our old pony; watching my daughter shriek with joy yesterday at her first game of ten pin bowling.
    P.S. If we win, she has ‘bagsied’ the bag and the chocolate already!!!

  6. What a wonderful give away!!!!! My favorite thing right now is knitting and crocheting slumber caps for breast cancer patients. When they go through chemo they get very cold. And we all know heat goes out the top of your head.
    Thank you for a wonderful blog and patterns,too.

  7. Wonderful giveaway! Since it is Autumn here (Hungary) my favourites are apples and apple picking, And all the beautiful fall colors, which are coming around. Thank you for the lovely posts.:)

  8. Well, Janette, you know I have been a fan of yours since I saw your awesome Granny Square bags and made them up for all my knitting students as a gift. Still a fan, read every post you put out there and will continue to do so. I do knit more than I crochet but since I just finished my 68th doily for the summer, I am no slouch at that skill either. keep posting, I enjoy!

  9. what an unusual giveaway :). there is a “because” for every item of yours but my eyes were cached by your lovely labels :) because I tried to make something like this to peronalize my items but it did not worked out :) I also love the color and shape of the coasters and your beautifull geranium flower (even if this is not in the giveaway:)
    hugs from romania :)

  10. It’s such a lovely personal giveaway. As the evenings get closer here my current favourite thing is my current crochet blanket. Its all flower squares with a green background, as it grows it keeps me comfy and warm on my lap and reminds me of our lovely summer :-)

  11. Thanks for the super give away :) my favourite thing at the moment is gardening and pottering around the garden with my little girl. We love watching the plants grow and sampling the produce. We can’t wait till we get raspberries!

  12. What an awesome giveaway. My favourite thing is living in Melbourne this time of year. The weather warms up and with all the sporting events happening the city just gets this amazing vibe happening.

  13. my favorite right now is chai latte! here in northen sweden we got about 0 degrees celsius and it snowed the other day just a couple of miles from where i live, brace yourself, winter is coming :)

  14. I’m loving all my crochet at the moment – as a newbie to the craft it’s lovely to see other peoples work and ideas. Thanks for sharing :-)

  15. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given and the chance to win some goodies to help that inspiration see fruition!!

  16. What a lovely idea. Thank you for the chance to win some gorgeous goodies. My favourite thing at the moment? The sight of the green woodpecker pecking at the front lawn for insects.

  17. What an awesome give away! I would love the little bag that you made!! Everything in your give away is a wonderful idea! Have a great day, Hugz Lisa and Bear

  18. Lovely giveaway, my favourite thing at this time of year in tropical Darwin is rain and the relief it brings from the heat and humidity. Not to mention the smell of rain after so many months of dry.

  19. Hi!!
    As you love spring I do too, but right now I am looking forward to enjoy a nice Autumn with all its colors.

    I love all those presents, hope I am the luckiest one :P

    Have a nice day!

    Lluisa xx

  20. Hi at the moment I love the colour of our leaves which are beautiful as we are starting our autumn here in England, and of course I always love to crochet. Fantastic prize. Jenny x

  21. Awesome giveaway, thanks for letting us enter! :) I think, my favorite thing will be today my spicy pumpkin soup, what I’ll make for dinner! :) Those beautiful coasters could just fit for it :)

  22. Do you really wanna know what’s my favorite thing to do right now?! ;) It’s fall in Holland at this moment, tomorrow is my birthday, and if I really have to make a choice of my too long list of hobby’s ;-D I choose crochet (hmmm and sewing…. And stamping…. And baking… And… Ohw my goodness do I really have to ;-D )
    Have a nice and creative day to all of you!

  23. Hi Janette! What a lovely idea! My favourite things at the mo are the multiple types of courgette chutnies I’m making (or ‘courges’ as daughter 2 calls them – they’re well beyond the dinky stage hehe), the quilt I’m sewing and the blanket I’m knitting. Oh, and the roasted sweet pot & butternut squash I cooked up the other day – hmm delish if I say so myself : ) Thanks for the chance, Jen

  24. Hi,
    Loving the giveaway.
    Also loving the cooler evenings to work on my crochet throw, a ripple of rainbow colours!
    Almost finished a knitted throw, need to just get on with it.
    Eileen uk

  25. Hey Janette !! what a cool collection for a give away…My favorite thing at the moment is to scratch my brain and think of new and out-of-the-box ideas for crocheting home decors for my exhibition next month….

    I hope I win this one…fingers crossed….

    Love ,


  26. Wow! Oh I want to win this amazing collection! My favorite right now must be my family. I had a rough week two weeks ago when I got the diagnosis MS and my family came in and sat by me the entire 3day-treatment. That meant so much to me, knowing that I wasn´t alone in all of this.
    with love, Erika from Sweden

  27. What a great collection of items, As I was reading the other comments I was thinking that what I love is how crocheting and your blog shows the common interests of so many people in different parts of the world,

  28. Thank you for such a lovely thought filled giveaway. I always enjoy reading your posts. One of my favourite things at the moment is lavendar tea. Just the flower heads loose but sold for tea. I am using a small spoonful for tea with my breakfast. Sometimes I mix it with chamomile as a super relaxing brew.

  29. Spring is a lovely season…everything coming to life after a winter slumber…but my all time favourite season is Autumn..the light, the colours..so warming and amazing….just coming into Autumn now…love to sit and crochet by the fire..or even the garden, just put on a nice snug jumper, cup of cappucino and off I go….love your work. I love those labels too…Have yourself a great day….. Sallyann x

  30. What a lovely thing to do!! Very selfless. One of my favourite things is finding a new blog post when I visit your page. Another favourite thing is getting a video message from my family of one of the Grand daughters. You are Such an unselfish person. The posts, tutorials you provide for us all are just amazing! Thanks so much! Sarah

  31. How thoughtful and kind to do such an awesome giveaway. My favorite is my dogs, Boston Terriers, Bogey, Moose and Molly. They make me laugh every day. I love crocheting, lots of babies in my life right now, friends and family, want to start crocheting baby items. Thank you again.

  32. My favourite things right now are spending time with family especially my 9mth old grandson and of course doing my crochet…..wip granny stripe blanket. Your give away is lovely and very thoughtful and will be wonderful for the winner x ♥ x

  33. I love my best friend and my dad right now. I broke my ankle 4 weeks ago and they have checked up on me, fed me and just made me feel like I will be ok.
    If its crafty things, right now I love my new vintage purls yarn.

  34. I’m loving the fact that the seasons are changing here in the UK and everyone is asking for winter goodies now that it’s getting colder. So far I’ve made slippers for my partner (your pattern!) and next on the list is an Autumn poncho for my daughter. :-)

  35. It is always so lovely to receive a gift that someone else has made! My favourite thing right now has to be volunteering at the Red Cross Charity Shop in the little town in Germany where I’m at present living with my English husband while he works. The bonus volunteering is all the wonderful fabrics and vintage crocheted tablecloths I recycle to make into the cutest tote bags, that I can give to my family and friends when we return to Australia in December.

  36. Wow my favourite thing right now is the spring weather, it’s been very warm and the kids are already wanting to play in the creek, we have been fossicking for gold (the kids think it’s a hoot) around the farm and generally enjoying the first week of the holdays.

  37. Cool give away! My favourite thing right now is the opposite of yours – its autumn. I’m in Scotland :) I’m a sucker for the autumnal hues and I’m looking forward to the longer nights. It means more cosy time in with with my beau doing more of the things that I love.

    I love taking time in autumn to recuperate after a fun-filled summer!

  38. We are heading into fall here in the US and Fall or Autumn is my favorite season. Iarried my sweetheart in Fall. I love the changing of the leaves and being able to wear sweaters and scarves agains. It’s my favorite season.

  39. Here in Holland Fall is starting to kick in, so it is great to read about spring! Normally I would say to give your goodiness to another follower, but now,.. I would love to get this lovely present from you. I might even disserve it because I started my own blog this week. Something i’m anxious about and never thought I would dare. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  40. I love spring ! Here in central Pa. USA we are in fall ,lovely but that means winter is on it’s way. Oh well we must take the good with the bad. I do love to crochet and now will be working on scarf and sweaters. Oh and Happy Birthday .Lynne

  41. Such a lovely giveaway – a perfect selection of goodies!
    We’re heading into the Autumn here in the UK and that’s my favourite time – ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ – happy days :)

  42. You are incredibly kind to put together such a lovely gift. My daughter just started school at the beginning of September, so my favourite thing at the moment is picking her up at the end of the day and seeing her smiling face. The princess poppy doll I made from your pattern for her birthday has to be sitting in the car waiting for her each day xxx

  43. What a generous selection of giveaways. I love spring too. Everything is fresh and green here at the moment with lots of pretty blossom about. Thanks for all your crafty inspirations.

  44. Fall is just beginning where I live and my favorite thing is crunching leaves while taking a walk with my family in the evenings. I have to beat the kiddos to them! I also love hot cocoa, family Sunday night dinners and carving pumpkins. Thanks for your kind thoughtfulness. I really enjoy your blog!

  45. I stumbled upon your blog sometime ago and I’ve been following it ever since as I fell in love with it. For some unknown reason I’ve never posted, but with such lovely giveaway how could I help myself ?
    It’s Autumn in Portugal. Love the colors and the smells, the roasted chestnuts and my ever blue river… Thank you for the inspiration.
    maria jorge

    chestnuts and my ever blue river.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    chestnuts and my ever blue river.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  46. Hello. I’m so happy to be able to have a chance to win this give away. I’m loving fall that’s my favorite time of year and its just starting here in South Carolina. Wish me luck:)

  47. My favourite thing right now is cotton or even cotton blend wool. Now that Spring is finally here, I’m just itching to start crocheting summery projects using cotton. Hooray winter is over and Spring is here. I’ve been to Floriade and enjoyed all the fragrant blooms which are starting to appear in my garden too. Hooray!

  48. What a nice gift you are giving! Thank you for the fun chance of winning! Okay, hmmm, my favorite thing to crochet, since I have started really, are BIG, personalized blankets, designed with each niece and nephew uniquely in mind. My son and daughter each had a hand in designing their own. Putting the ideas on graph paper. The other kiddos blankets were designed with some of their favorite things in mind. The best part is seeing the pictures when they receive them. They all live too far away.

  49. my favourite thing at the moment [ apart from my always-favourite grandchildren ] is my garden as we move into Spring. Got my first Fruhlingsmorgen rose today.

  50. My favorite thing is crochet and reading your blog.. Thanks for the chance to win your lovely gift package!! Blessings..

  51. my favourite thing at the moment is the quiet time before anyone else is awake in the house. I make myself a cup of tea and take it out onto my back deck and watch the colours change in the sky as the sun ‘wakes up’. Bliss!!
    thank you for the lovely giveaway too!

  52. What a fab giveaway to match your equally fab blog!!
    Hmmm favourite thing…..to hard to choose, but if pushed I’d have to say the people I meet doing ordinary everyday things for other people that mean the world to them….from tipping your hat to a passer by to spending 5 mins chatting to an elderly neighbour. It really makes a difference and its beautiful to see!!

  53. I always enjoy reading your posts. My favorite thing right now are knitting and check my favorite blog. Thank you for the chance from Kyoto, Japan!!

  54. My favorite therapy thing to do right now is knit. I love to do antique Irish edging patterns. I just knitted my first prayer shawl and I have recently gotten into socks. I love your crafting ideas too. I also love crochet.

  55. Oh wow, so generous. I’m new to crochet. My favourite thing at the moment is finding wonderful blogs like yours that fill me with inspiration. How many projects can I have going on at the same time??

  56. Hola, aquí en Chile es primavera también y es mi estación favorita, junto con el verano. También me gusta mucho tejer a crochet, palillos y frivolité. Hace poco aprendí a tejer “shawls” y se ha convertido en mi nueva pasión.
    Lindos regalos, ojalá tenga suerte.

  57. Love the bag you made! My favorite thing is a shawl I just finished making for my Mom. It’s a Christmas present I can not wait to give her! I may not I know she will love it too
    Thank you

  58. What a great giveaway! I love to crochet and am currently working on Christmas gifts. Everything from scarves to dog sweaters! I just finished a “lovey” for my cousin’s newborn baby. I make almost all gifts that I give. Thanks for offering such a nice package, whomever wins will be most lucky!!

  59. woohoo! what an awesome giveaway! :) My favorite thing right now is the weather here in sc… it’s fall y’all! Which means open windows, beautiful colors, and all things pumpkin. (but spring is my second favorite season) :)

  60. My favorite thing right now is watching all the trees change color to reds, oranges, bright yellows…and the crispness of the air telling us that Fall is here.

  61. Love your “handmade” labels. So cute. My favorite thing right now is crocheting my Christmas gifts. Currently I am making red rose tealight covers–they are so pretty when the lights are dimmed. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a great giveaway–you have some really neat things in there.

  62. Thank you for offering a give-away! I would love to win! We are just starting fall in Canada and your give-away package would be so colourful and cheery.
    My favorite thing right now is to crochet amigurumi animals. I really like the process.

  63. It’s fall here, so sipping a warm cup of tea while deciding what craft or project to venture onto next is so relaxing…and I’m loving giveaways! Hooray

  64. The “Handmade” labels are awesome! I am crocheting this really “hot” sweater for my dude! Also, I am hooked on a new cinnamon sweet bread recipe so much that I am only allowing myself to make twice a month. Have a wonderful weekend!

  65. what a wonderful giveaway, some of my favorite things in the picture you have above! one of my favorite things right now is the change to the autumn season, cooler temperatures, changing tree leaves and time to crochet and have a cup of hot chocolate snuggled under a crocheted blanket and my crochet hook or a book to read. blissful!

  66. What a lovely collection, Janette! My favourite thing these rainy days is to crochet miniature dollies for all my friends and family while sitting in my couch and eating (a lot of) crispbread chocolat pieces which were called “Knusperflocken” in Germany. I really love your blog and your ideas!

  67. Hi Janette, I love crochet and do all kinds of crafts. Now my favorite thing is to make headbands for my daughter. Thank you for your giveaway and crafting ideas. I always enjoy your blog!

  68. I always enjoy reading your blog so I’d have to say it is one of my favorite things. I just love the way you put together the give away. Another of my favorite things right now is the change in weather her in Georgia. Its getting chilly and the fall is aproaching I’ve only been here for 2 years and do miss the fall in NY with all the wonderful colors-theres nothing like a fall in the north.

  69. Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your give away, everything looks wonderful! My favorite thing right now is crocheting socks, I’m on my fourth pair in the last 2 weeks! I think it’s so neat that you have so many people all over the world reading and commenting on your blog! I’m from the United States =D Your blog has been a blessing to read!

  70. What a wonderful giveaway..my favorite thing now is making ornaments am making Caity Cats for my tree now. Thank you for your patterns love your blog.

  71. My favorite right now is the country fair – I entered a crocheted hat and a doily and my kids entered a watercolor painting of birch trees and paper tree sculpture. I just know they will win blue ribbons and be so proud of themselves!!! Plus the fair means yummy food – caramel apples (with nuts), big bowls of French Fries (chips to you Brits), sausage and pepper sandwiches, deep fried somethings, fresh ice cream – I could go on and on!
    Happy change of seasons wherever you are!

  72. What a wonderful giveaway! My favorite thing now and always is getting to spend time with my fabulous grand kiddies……my kids also! I think that’s why I enjoy your blog so much……your sweet kiddies are about the same age as some of my grand brood……..they’re so adorable. I forward all your wonderful crafty ideas on to my daughter who is busy homeschooling now. Thanks so much for sharing your very clever creations with us…..I always look forward to your visit!

  73. I am enjoying making things this season with granny squares, but my favorite thing right now is this blog. I have it set to alert me when there is a new post because it really inspires me :)

  74. I so enjoy reading your blog~But I must say I am jealous that you can make a bag with a zipper….Zippers and I don’t like each other. Love the give aways! Keep blogging and creating.

  75. What a lovely giveaway! I so enjoy your blog, so much inspiration! One of my favorite things right now is making unique granny squares in fall colors that I will be joining for a throw. Easy-Peasy!

  76. what a great giveaway, thank you!

    a fav thing right now? getting back to “serious” knitting time. I got a box of yarn in the mail yesterday, can’t wait to start clicking today. ;)

    veggiecook@ myway. com

    I’m in Canada. Love your blog. I’m a follower too. :)

  77. Right now I am making a filet wall hanging. I love to filet crochet. You make the lovliest things. I love the posts when your children are creating with you. They look like they are really enjoying what they are doing.. Pam

  78. instagram! and now I’m finding crocheter’s from around the world who take the most awesome pictures of their yarn & work

  79. ive never won anything before so here is wishing for first time luck. I have been on the roll with making potholders my fav. for now, good luck to everyone ;)

  80. Thanks a lot for this nice giveaway !! My favorite thing at the minute is stitching for my newborn nephew ! and I have just finished a lovely blue throw blanket for my teenage son ! we are preparing for winter here in the north of France !!

  81. My favorite thing is fingerless gloves. It must be because my hands are so cold. :) You can never have too many or enough colors.

  82. Thanks for your lovely blog! I love to discover your life and country, as I live in France it is quite different here! I am enjoying a quiet evening with my favorite cup of tea, my crochet and dreaming of winning your wonderful stuff! my favorite things are baking, knitting, and taking care of my three lovelies!

  83. I love you fav things!!!! My fav things are: addi swing crochet hooks; crocheting doilies, mandalas and coasters; addi lace interchangeable knitting needles; playing with different yarns; trying a new tea at moment that I’m loving; and using my yarn bowl. Oh and the felt embroidered flowers I’m working on :-)
    Thank you for the chance!!!

  84. Hi Janette! Thank you for this such a lovely giveaway! I love your idea to put there your favorite items… But my favorite now is everything turquoise.
    Have a sunny day!
    Olga ♡

  85. Since it is just the start of fall here my favorite thing is winter cooking! Today I made whole wheat bread and buns and cream of leek and potato soup with ham and chedder for my boys dinner.

  86. All those items are beautiful! I’m a relatively newer follower of your lovely blog. It’s turning fall here, and that is definitely one of my favorite things: the turn of the season!!!

  87. Absolute cuteness! ❤️
    My favorites right now are baking with pumpkin, crocheting multicolored striped baby blankets from bulky soft yarns, and snuggling up with tea and a good book. 😊

  88. My favorite thing to craft right now is scarves using Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn and a P hook. I can really whip those things out!! Also the bag in the giveaway is adorable!!! ~Gina

  89. Oh I would love to win these lovely things!! The crochet bag is simply awesome! Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway!

  90. My birthday is also in August. Happy Belated Birthday.
    What a fun giveaway. Right now my favorite thing is making gowns for my Barbie dolls. I pick them up at the second-hand store and then crochet outfits for them.

  91. Favourite right now? Toss up between planning for a 1,000km fundraising walk I’ll be doing with some of my kids next year and crocheting together squares of my soon-to-be-13-year-old’s old clothes for his childhood quilt, which we make and give as tradition in our family on this auspicious birthday (four down, four to go!)

  92. I hope you had a lovely birthday! My favourite thing at the moment is that I have found the confidence to crochet without a pattern – I’ve made one jumper and I’m on my second, and to my amazement, they have worked (I’ve even been asked where I got the first one!). Thank you, as in part, I think this confidence has come from using your patters, changing them a little and still having them work! :)

  93. What a lovely things for giveaway. I fall in love with the handmade bird label.
    Thank you for the chance to win :).
    I´m the knitter now, the best thing for me is to sit down with hot tea or cup of coffee and knit some special thing for me or my family.
    But I already learn to crochet and it brings me a lot of fun :)
    I follow this blog one week, it is wonderful and send you my warm greetings from Czech Republic.

  94. I am loving my fall leaf coffee cups that we pull out every year at my house, and also the feeling of crochet possibility that wells up in me during the fall!

  95. Thank you for organising this wonderful giveaway – I have to confess that the first thing i noticed was the Whittakers chocolate! Lol
    I really love your craft work, and am impressed with the gifts you’ve chosen :)

    As for my favourite thing, although I’ve been crocheting for 14 months now, I have only recently discovered Granny Squares, which are now a firm favourite with me :)

  96. Thanks for putting together a lovely giveaway! My favorite thing right now is my search for a yarn bowl on Etsy. There are so many lovely ones to choose from, I am savoring looking through each and every one of them.

  97. My favorite right now? Knitting and crocheting baby afghans! I didn’t think I’d finish them because they’re big projects but I recently finished a full sized afghan and a lapghan. BTW, thanks for this giveaway. Can’t wait to see who wins.

  98. My birthday was in August too! My fave thing right now is sharing sewing/quilting with 3 friends I reconnected with here in Georgia. We all lived in Levittown, NY and went to school there.

  99. Right now I am loving that Autumn is finally here in the United States! It’s definitely my favorite season and great crocheting weather!

  100. Oh wow I would so love to win this! I’m loving the look of your blog. I crochet to give myself some inner piece. My life feels chaotic at the moment and crochet is the only thing that calms me and fills my heart up :)

  101. ps my favorite right now is this lovely little blanket I’m making up as I go, I like to make up my crochet as go along, its multicoloured and I have cracked joining my squares in a neat way so that I am eager to try out a log cabin blanket next.

  102. Im busy making red and white crochet stars to string together with some fairy lights for Christmas bunting. It’s autum here in the uk and there are great to make snuggled up as the weather turns chilly. Do have to fight for the yarn on occasions as the cat likes to help!

  103. I also love Spring! It’s starting to get light earlier in the morning in Cape Town now. The birds are singing earlier, the trees are budding and the flowers are all coming out… Love it! I love your blog and would love a chance to win your giveaway! Cheryl

  104. Love everything in this picture,I would love to win it,thank you for the chance to win it.I am now in my favorite place-crochet blog land looking for some patterns for trees and leafs,planning on making fall garland,hubby is making my fav drink-mmm coffee,listening my fav music.Have a lovely day,giveaway is amazing.

  105. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you! I’m loving this gorgeous fall weather and am obsessed with crocheting these days. Even more so than usual.

  106. Beautiful collection of calming items in your giveaway. My favourite thing right now are the wonderful spring blooms in my garden. A handful of tulips a sprinkle of jonquils and a bunch of daffys plus the odd iris. I love spring flowers.

  107. We share the same birthday :-) and as a marker of time it seems to be quickly moving into the distance. Although spring and the promise of summer are definitely something to be excited about!

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  109. :) My favorite season? Summer. Iwish we didn’t have 6 months of snow. :( Also, my favorite kitty is Walker. He’s the baby of the family. We found him last halloween while we were out trick or treating. He was probably 8 weeks old and very cold and wanted his very own family. I picked himup and couldn’t put him down. He’s on my lap right now being loving and sweet. Don’t tell the other 5 cats though!!

  110. Nice gifts, you are very generous. I really like your small bag.
    I like crocheting, but I do really little at the moment as I have eczema on my hands.

  111. My favorite thing to do is crochet. I take it with me almost everywhere I go. My son died a year ago and crocheting has kept me from going into a deep depression and has helped me not to isolate myself. When I can’t get out of bed my crochet joins me to keep me busy. I am very thankful for many things. Crochet is one of them.

  112. What a lovely giveaway … I have returned to the Isle of Wight (right at the bottom of England) this evening after travelling 300 miles to Skipton in Yorkshire for the lovely “Yarndale” weekend which was a fantastic woolly weekend run by Lucy from Attic24 and her team of volunteers. You have never seen so much yarny bunting, yarn, flowers, spinning, weaving, crochet, knitting anything and everything. They yarn bombed the Park, the local train station, the Yarndale venue, the bus, the gates, the fences ooooooohhhhhhh everything. Yarndale is certainly my favourite thing at the moment …. what a glorious weekend hundreds and thousands of ladies and men had … oh and ME!! Xx

  113. My favourite thing at the moment is SPRING! I love all the flowers in my garden and the birds and butterflies! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway. :-)

  114. I love the atmosphere of your blog ! Thank you for sharing your tutos and advices… My favourite right now is a big piece of Tiramisu while crocheting a blanket for the coming winter (I’m leaving in the south of France). Would love to win this giveaway, every item is soooo attractive !

  115. Good that I’m not too late for your givaway “contest”! And let me tell you what a great idea you had! This small bag is full of lovely items. I particularly like your coasters. I have to try and make some myself too someday but my crochet skills are still a bit rough … I definitely have to improve here.
    What I really like at the moment is upcycling: to give a new life to old things, changing their shape and using them with different purpose from their original! :-)
    Keep up the good job!

  116. Hi! My favourite thing right now is the absolutely beautiful (actually that’s an understatement) autumn season. I adore walking through my little back woods and admiring the gorgeous golds, reds, and oranges adorning the trees. Seeing the fall breeze blow through the leaves, sometimes making them flutter down to the ground where they eventually dry up and go crunch crunch under your feet as you walk through the remainders of fall, just before it all gets covered up in a blanket of soft white snow. Fall is my all time favourite season, it is like admiring a painting every day, I just love it! Nadia from Canada

  117. My favorite thing right now are the beautiful colors of fall. The sky is a bright blue, the orange pumpkins and the yellow sunflowers to name a few. Here on Long Island NY, we have the benefit of the greatest city, and the beautiful beaches. It is a fantastic place to visit and or live!

  118. Hi! just stumbled upon your lovely blog. I cant really decide what’s my fav right now (maybe Norbert, the handsome chicken I just finished crocheting today! lol) because I just recently learned how to crochet (i love all the firsts!!). Just like you, I like to sew a lot and it would be awesome to receive your gift since my birthday is on the 5th! :) anyhoo, thanks for the all tutorials and sending you kisses all the way from Spain!

  119. Great giveaway! Thanks for being so kind! My favourite thing at the moment, is my 2 1/2 yr old daughter getting excited about picking blackberries and gathering hazelnuts! It’s making me enjoy all the simpler things that I loved doing when I was a child!

  120. My favorite thing is looking on pinterest for neat patterns of things to make for my new grand-niece. Now all I need to do is get busy and do them! She’s already 3 months old now!!! And, of course, as cute as can be. I’ve already been the recipient of one of your handmade beauties, but wouldn’t that be the tops if I won those lovely coasters and the bag! You do very good work. And it’s so special of you to be so generous. It’s like being one of your lovely children, just the thought of being on the receiving end of your craftiness!! Thanks for all you do!!

  121. My favorite thing right now is eating from my garden, especially the tomatoes. Our growing season is almost done though. Fall has just begun. The leaves are turning into beautiful holds and oranges. I live the fresh, cool air!

  122. Thank you Janette, for this lovely giveaway; and most of all for keeping it open around the world. My favourite thing right now is banana smoothies….makes great breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

  123. My favourite thing right now is knitting and crochet with beads! I just love sparkly beads on lace weight yarn. My favourite season is Spring and I’m loving my favourite flowers roses and dahlias right now! :) Fay.

  124. Thanks for a great give away! I always get excited! ;) My favorite thing right now is crocheting some of your stool covers for my kitchen and also collecting vintage glass and making yard art!

  125. Thank you for the opportunity to win these lovely items! I’m a newbie in crochet and ran across your blog searching for crochet ideas and patterns. Love all of the fun, colorful, and inspiring ideas!!

  126. Lovely giveaway. My favorite things are coffee with friends, reading, and crocheting. I also love your top down cardigan–that’s how I found you! I crochet a lot of baby blankets and made some toddler top down sweaters, but a friend loved those and wanted one her size.

  127. Finally – a Give Away with personal touch. Thank you!
    My favourite thing right now is to plan the new colour scheme in our house and imagine what it will look like when it’s done before Christmas and what I can make to create a warm and cozy home for my family. Unfortunately some little pesky thing like ” Work” keeps on getting in the way.

  128. I´d love to be in. Your giveaway is so sweet! And I don’t mean it for the chocolate your posts and works always reflect your feelings and joys, love everything that you do. Thanks Peace love and crochet Grabriela

  129. I think, at the moment, my favourite thing is listening to my littlest get his tongue around the English language. Sometimes it’s pretty tricky to decipher what he’s getting clearer by the day. Got to watch my tongue now though….

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