Sweet Starry Scarflette

Sweet starry scarflette free crochet patternThis quick little crochet pattern is remarkably easy… and only takes a ball of yarn. It uses star stitch which I think might be my new favorite crochet stitch – I’m looking around now for another project I can use the stitch in. I use a 9mm hook because it gives a light flexible feel to the scarf, and the star stitch adds a nice patterned interest to the finished piece.

Sweet Starry Scarflette Crochet pattern.

You will need:

9mm hook.

8ply (DK) weight yarn of choice.

These brilliant instructions for crochet star stitch.

A button or buttons

Chain 82, turn and work star stitch in each ch for the length.  Repeat for 4 full patterns (this will be 8 rows – one of star stitch followed by 1 of half double crochets x 4). Fasten off and weave in ends.  Attach a nice chunky button to the right side of one end, wrap around your neck and enjoy!

Sweet starry scarflette free crochet pattern

Edit, I made another one of these, you can find a photo of it here.

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23 thoughts on “Sweet Starry Scarflette

  1. That’s really pretty, I like the chunky button too…..definitely a good one to think of when we are heading to the end of summer, for once it has been sunny and hot here today, which has been a wonder after all the rain and cold.

    Have a lvely week.

  2. Veeeerrrrry nice! We have the first true day of summer here in Oxford, UK… so I might have to file this pattern for later…:) Hugs, Jill x

  3. Thank you so much for your pattern! I love the star stich too. Love your idea with the button, it looks really beautiful.
    Hugs! Barbina

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  5. aww so pretty. I haven’t tried the star stitch but I keep seeing blankets all over the place and they all look so pretty maybe you could make that next I’d love to see yours.

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  7. I love this Scarflette and I want to try to make one! Can you just clarify the hook size you used – was it a size N? Thank you for sharing this pattern!

      • Thank you! I am loving the look of this! Can I bother you for one more thing? I’m wondering the length of your Scarflette – just want to make sure I am on track. Thanks again – Andrea

      • Hi again, the green one is 88cm and the orange one is 86cm, Im guessing the differences are to do with the weight variation of the wool. Though they were both 8ply (DK) weight I think the green was alittle heavier. :)

  8. Perfect! I love the way this works up, it’s just beautiful. I will try to post a pic, but I’m not so good at things like that! Thank you, have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. Hello!
    Thanks for this simple pattern. Made up one in just over an hour and using some leftover yarn. Love it! so simple and yet pretty and practical.

  10. It’s my first time using the star stitch, and I love it! Looks so pretty! I’m using worsted weight yarn, and the scarf is coming out not quite as long as yours. But I like it anyway. Thanks for the pattern!

  11. Hello – thank you for this beautiful pattern – I made one today and it turned out lovely. One thing I wanted to note – for those using worsted weight, 4-ply yarn (which is what I had at home so I used it) – you can make it the desired length using an “N” hook by chaining approx. 120 instead of the 82 in your instructions. That works out to be too short with the thinner yarn, but by increasing the chain length to about 110-120 depending on your tension, you can make it wrap around and add the button, and it looks great. Just wanted to pass that hint along for those who found the 82 chain length too short with thinner yarn. Happy crocheting!

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